We strongly believe in supporting the community around us by giving back what we can because this is the only way we can all thrive together.


  • In Office Recycling Programs including Paper, Plastic, Cardboard and Glass
  • In Office - General office use of 100% Recycled Paper
  • MME are members of the "Gold" Green Energy Champion where we support and a portion of our office energy comes from renewable sources.
  • MME corporate stationary printed on 100% Post Consumer Paper
  • MME printed marketing material printed on a minimum of 30% Post Consumer Paper with Eco-Friendly AQ Gloss Coating
  • MME recommends and prefers conducting business with vendor / suppliers that have incorporated Green initiatives into their product and business behaviors
  • MME has implemented a new policy of only purchasing new office equipment with Energy Star ratings
  • MME is slowly upgrading office furniture to sustainable, recycled, repurposed products
  • MME only uses Eco-Friendly cleaning products for office restroom and kitchenette
  • MME recommends eco-friendly practices to its clients
  • MME covers travel related carbon emissions by purchasing Terra Passes for flight or long haul automobile transportatio




MME conducts at a minimum of an annual Community Service Project. Previous community service projects included:

  • Raised funds by being "jail bait" for the Muscular Dystrophy's Lock Up Fundraiser - 2011
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - Spring 2011
  • Sponsoring the Say "I Do" With a Big "Do" Contest with a donated Day-of Coordination for a breast cancer survivor - Summer 2010
  • Raising Blankets and Towels for Operation Blankets of Love - Fall 2009
  • Raised funds by being "jail bait" for the Muscular Dystrophy's Lock Up Fundraiser - Spring 2009
  • Sponsoring the South LA Earth Festival and hosting its Eco-Friendly Face Painting Booth - 2007
  • Donating time and services to coordinate the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce's Inaugural 5K Run for its LA Summer Watts Games - 2006


We have used 332 pounds of 100% recycled paper over the past 6 months, which in turn relates to:

  • 2.82 mature trees saved
  • 1,162 gallons of water, which equals to 148,736 glasses of water
  • 680 Kilowatts of electricity, which translates into running a computer off of sleep mode for over a year. The computer would take 400 Kilowatts to run.
  • 13.9 gallons of oil, which translates to 30% of a whole barrel of oil.
  • 13.45 cubic feet of landfill space

Since we use recycled paper we produce:

  • 74% less air pollution
  • 35% less water pollution

We've recycled 20 laser jet ink cartridges. When recycling ink cartridges we have saved over 60 pounds of natural resources that go towards making new ink cartridges and have saved 70 oz. of oil by recycling. Since joining the Gold "Green" Champion program with Burbank Water & Power in the past six months we’ve used 784 kilowatts of non-polluting power from renewable resources.



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